Mid thoughts

6 thoughts on “Mid thoughts”

  1. Dear Anne, What a pleasure to read you after our nice meeting yesterday in my workshop ! Your blog seems very interesting and I will take the time to read all your posts, but I just have an other workshop in some minutes… Keep in touch..with our love for Paris as a strong link… Kisses from Montmartre (and wear your beautiful scarf, please ! 😉

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  2. Thank you for the teaser from the Atelier. I know it must have been worth every step uber cobblestone and cab … sorry about that. What I most love is your attitude adjustment: your discovering your own worth as a friend for the moment as well as for all ways; the plaisir of asking for and receiving assistance which always brings so much more; your growing confidence; and even your willingness to ditch technology when it did not serve you well. Again I say BRAVA! This trip has indeed unfolded more of the rose and I am so utterly delighted for you. Savor to the last sip and try not to think beyond the moment. For now. xo

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  3. Anne, once again it’s enjoyable channeling your experiences in Paris. Perhaps next year I’ll go with you to have my own experiences. Of course, I’ll expect you to be my translator.

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  4. You do have to come, Fred. Last night, just across the street at I had the most amazing meal with truffles (and excellent wine) — and for dessert, creme brulee that they flambeed just before serving. The caramelized topping had truffle cream. I plan to have the last supper there tomorrow night as well .. wish you were here to share !


  5. It’s so good to hear from you Marie-Sophie ! I am still savoring our wonderful afternoon in your lovely garden. I sent a note to you on the AirB&B site and couldn’t delete it. I hope it wasn’t inappropriate to contact you that way. I love my scarf and can’t wait to wash and soften it after I return home. I hope you can find just a little relaxing “me” time this weekend! Enjoy — and welcome aboard the voyage here … it’s so nice to share with you.


  6. It’s meant so much to me, Sarah, to have you “along” on this trip — both here with your encouraging comments — and with our skype evening wine dates ! It is the night before the night before now, and I am contemplating my choices for the evening. This trip has been so wonderful and memorable, though I am physically quite tired now. I am going to let tomorrow unfold as it will. That has been the wonder of this trip and I don’t want to change that in any way … Good night, and the good news/bad news is I’ll see you soon !


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