Again ?

6 thoughts on “Again ?”

  1. Shoes at the ready … so delighted to feel the spirit of adventure and rejuvenation already animating you with the planning and anticipation of this trip. Can’t wait to follow your next round of exploration and saturation. Bon voyage!!

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  2. So glad to read that you are once again in your beloved city…and eager to go on the journey with you again. I love what Alan (?) said about it being your third last trip and I love thinking of you there again! love, Karen


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  3. There’s a quite amazing transformation … deciding to come, I have so much trepidation, then once I’ve settled in, so much ease of being (here), wishing I was staying longer, “knowing” I’ll be back, or at least hoping. You’ve inspired a new post, Karen ! “You can go home again” … Thanks so much for joining the caravan. I know how much you love a road trip ! And keep the comments coming, its a nice connection …


  4. Thanks Sarah for the now and then…. the lift-off well wishes and the pre-trip encouragement. It is a saga of “spirit” and “adventure,” and “exploration” … thanks for joining the “party”!


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