Stepping Over

Stepping over   broken cobblestones I made my way  to morning’s light wondering how the path of day would stray where I would find myself midway and then if the end -ing would come as surprise  or disappointment depending my course over cobblestones, if my ankle twisted or my sole steadied   Then above as I downed … Continue reading Stepping Over

Mid thoughts

This trip has been so much more than a seeing of sights or a collection of ahhhh-ahhhh moments.  Those have, of course, popped up as unexpected pleasures, but more this visit really has been a meander, a flaneur through small streets, with stops along the way to sit at a café and sometimes make a … Continue reading Mid thoughts

Again ?

Paris … here I come … again … Why again ? … that’s the question so many friends ask.  Why not someplace new ? Maybe because in some strange way, Paris and this trip aren’t about exploring the world, but more about going home. To a place whose streets I know, whose food I savor, … Continue reading Again ?